2010-01-29 Derrick Brashearlinux cache file open fail print error
2010-01-29 Derrick Brashearxdrproc_t probably not really different on linux26
2010-01-29 Chaz Chandlerfurther irix updates
2010-01-28 Derrick Brashearafsd missing close brace
2010-01-28 Derrick Brashearignore generated macos packaging description file
2010-01-28 Derrick Brashearirix cc defaults to pre-c99
2010-01-28 Derrick Brashearirix can't have vprintf in the kernel
2010-01-28 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: drop cm_Freelance_Lock before call to cm_Freel...
2010-01-27 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: export xdr_serverList and xdr_Capabilities...
2010-01-27 Marc DionneLinux: don't count pag keys against root's keyring...
2010-01-27 Derrick Brashearinit pthread mutexes only if an initializer exists
2010-01-27 Derrick Brashearswitch to always attempting cache-config-by-path
2010-01-27 Simon WilkinsonXDR memory management fixes
2010-01-27 Derrick Brashearinitialize pthread mutexes to avoid compiler common...
2010-01-27 Derrick Brashearrx ResetCall should wait if it says it will
2010-01-27 Derrick Brashearrx avoid discarding packets while tq is busy
2010-01-26 Derrick Brashearviced detailed stats should record stored bytes correctly
2010-01-25 Derrick Brasheardarwin80 if changes cleanup
2010-01-25 Derrick Brasheardarwin rx if structure fix
2010-01-25 Derrick Brashearpagsh dependencies don't get to include system libs
2010-01-25 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Handle llseek failure
2010-01-24 Derrick Brashearunix 1.5.70 openafs-devel-1_5_70
2010-01-24 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: 1.5.70
2010-01-23 Marc DionneLinux Keyrings: don't ignore error code from session...
2010-01-23 Marc DionneAdd missing dependencies for pagsh in Makefile
2010-01-22 Simon WilkinsonDon't throw data away in afs_StoreMini
2010-01-22 Simon WilkinsonRevert "Fix afs_AccessOK for dropbox case"
2010-01-22 Derrick Brashearabstract rx if structure access
2010-01-22 Russ AllberyEnable weak enctypes for klog.krb5 if supported by...
2010-01-22 Andrew DeasonFix afs_AccessOK for dropbox case
2010-01-22 Russ AllberyEnable weak enctypes for aklog if supported by Kerberos
2010-01-22 Marc Dionneafs_vnop_attrs: syntax error in conditional expression
2010-01-22 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFS_AFSDB_ENV preprocessor symbol no longer...
2010-01-21 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: add build and clean rule for bc.h
2010-01-21 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Windows v6.0 SDK does not define __RPC__out
2010-01-21 Jeffrey AltmanUndo labeling of elements of rx structures for Windows
2010-01-21 Jeffrey AltmanInstall bucoord/bc.h to permit Windows to build
2010-01-21 Marc DionneWarning cleanup: implicit function declarations in...
2010-01-21 Derrick Brashearsimplify ufs cache mechanisms available
2010-01-20 Derrick Brashearbatch panic decoding for MacOS
2010-01-20 Derrick Brashearmacos set don't backup attribute on cache files
2010-01-20 Simon WilkinsonFix so that UKERNEL can keep using system xdr
2010-01-20 Simon WilkinsonLabel elements of rx structures
2010-01-20 Russ AllberyAvoid executable headers in local include tree
2010-01-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Help text update for Network Identity Manager... openafs-devel-1_5_69
2010-01-19 Asanka HerathWindows: Add a context menu for the AFS icon
2010-01-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Version number update for 1.5.69
2010-01-19 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: ChangeLog for 1.5.69
2010-01-19 Derrick Brashearmake 1.5.69 for unix
2010-01-17 Derrick Brashearcreate debugging kext package for MacOS
2010-01-17 Marc DionneMore pam warning cleanups - test_pam.c
2010-01-17 Marc Dionneup.c: remove unused variable pageSize
2010-01-17 Marc Dionneuss: Fix IP address parsing and cleanup warnings
2010-01-16 Asanka HerathWindows: Query the MTU value from the registry
2010-01-16 Simon WilkinsonDon't double free call structure
2010-01-16 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Add missing prototype
2010-01-16 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Fix negative file length case, again
2010-01-16 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Correct AFS_NT40_ENV rx_GetIFInfo max MTU assignments
2010-01-16 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Do not drop call lock in rx_WriteProc* and rx_ReadProc*
2010-01-15 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Remove last remnants of DJGPP support
2010-01-15 Marc Dionnesrc/pam warning fixes
2010-01-15 Asanka HerathFix typo in AdminGuide
2010-01-14 Dan Hydevolmonitor keep vtrans lock
2010-01-14 Simon WilkinsonKernel is always defined
2010-01-14 Simon WilkinsonMove GLOCK initialisation to platform directories
2010-01-14 Chas Williamsrewrite afs_MemWriteBlk() using afs_MemWritevBlk()
2010-01-14 Chas WilliamsQuick fix for readpages when using memcache
2010-01-14 Chas Williams... afsd: decprecate -mem_alloc_sleep flag (and related...
2010-01-14 Andrew DeasonAlways check VInitVolumePackage2 return code
2010-01-14 Simon WilkinsonRemove weekly bosserver restarts
2010-01-13 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Rework PAG to group conversions
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove signed vs unsigned error in smb_Init
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Protect buffers in smb_WriteData from simultan...
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fs examine owner and group are signed
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: do not call cm_SearchCellByDNS if AFS_AFSDB_EN...
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: buf_Recycle should clean up flags and reset...
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: do not leak scp->dirlock if cm_BPlusDirBuildTr...
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: alter nmtest CreateFile modes
2010-01-13 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: return ENOMEM from cm_BPlus functions on mallo...
2010-01-12 Simon WilkinsonUse dget_parent to handle getting inode of parent
2010-01-12 Matt Benjaminfreebsd: CM changes targeting RELENG_8
2010-01-12 Andrew DeasonDAFS: avoid saving fileserver state when panicing
2010-01-12 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Allow non-fileserver to schedule salvages
2010-01-08 Simon WilkinsonRevert "Linux: Replace invalidate_inode_pages"
2010-01-08 Derrick Brashearlinux kernel lacks uintptr
2010-01-08 Chas Williams... UNIX CM: remove the last remaining reference to afs_rxg...
2010-01-07 Chas Williams... LINUX/: ifdef for GFP_NOFS conditionals
2010-01-06 Derrick Brasheardarwin module prototype and cleanup
2010-01-06 Dan Hydevolmonitor copy link before calling free
2010-01-06 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Mark our super block as not updating access...
2010-01-06 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use the correct ATIME flag
2010-01-05 Derrick Brashearcachemanager additional cleanup
2010-01-05 Derrick Brashearmacos code signature for afsd
2010-01-05 Andrew DeasonRefuse to attach inode partitions with UFS logging
2010-01-05 Marc DionneLinux: don't oops on writeback if vcache has no stashed...
2010-01-05 Michael Meffieviced: allow alternate addresses on the same hash chain...
2010-01-05 Simon WilkinsonFixes for supergroups on Darwin 64bit
2010-01-04 Jeffrey AltmanUnix CM: Use xdr_free to free memory allocated by XDR
2010-01-04 Matt Benjaminfreebsd: fix afs_root signature (RELENG_8)
2009-12-31 Marc DionneBuild fix: restore centry in ptutils.c