2011-03-17 Derrick Brashearmacos: kernel socket upcall
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonutil: Remove packages.h
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonrpms: Use new CellServDB
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonutil: Remove itc.h
2011-03-17 Andrew Deasonviced: Actually print client CPS
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonutil: Remove isathing
2011-03-17 Simon Wilkinsonkauth: Use strtol for integer argument handling
2011-03-17 Derrick Brashearosx: decode-panic should work in add-kext only land
2011-03-17 Derrick Brashearosx: prefs pane should properly detect version
2011-03-15 Simon WilkinsonThrow the compiler a bone ...
2011-03-15 Derrick Brashearmacos: dont want bind 8 compat on leopard
2011-03-15 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: 1.6pre3 changes
2011-03-15 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Fix return codes from setpag
2011-03-15 Simon WilkinsonRevert "Linux: normalize error return for emulated...
2011-03-14 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Use the UserListFileName function more
2011-03-14 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Refactor CellServDB path creation
2011-03-14 Simon Wilkinsonroken: Export rk_asprintf on Windows
2011-03-14 Michael Meffiereadme typos
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Rework afsconf_UpToDate to use CellServDB
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsontests: Fix KeyFile test so it works from harness
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsontests: Fix the authcon test to avoid pthread errors
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonpt_util: Initialise empty database correctly
2011-03-13 Simon WilkinsonDOC: pt_util now outputs ntohl'd epoch and version
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsoncrypto: Add krb5_crypto_fx_cf2 to our prototypes
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonubik: Allow servers to have more than 3 seclayers
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonafsconf: Rework security flags
2011-03-13 Simon Wilkinsonubik: Remove dependency on auth
2011-03-11 Chas Williams... solaris: fix typo in the solaris 11 startup script
2011-03-11 Andrew Deasonsalvager: Do not abort on large volume IDs
2011-03-10 Simon WilkinsonDon't use KERN_OPTMZ or KERN_DBG on Linux 2.6
2011-03-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE on Linux
2011-03-10 Simon WilkinsonRemove redundant entries from MT_CFLAGS
2011-03-10 Simon Wilkinsonhcrypto: don't redefine key_type
2011-03-10 Simon WilkinsonRevert "hcrypto: avoid key_type redefinition"
2011-03-09 Derrick Brashearlinux: defer vcache evictions when sleep would be needed
2011-03-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: handle rx busy call channel
2011-03-08 Andrew DeasonRX: Avoid timing out non-kernel busy channels
2011-03-08 Andrew Deasonaklog: Do not include XCFLAGS twice
2011-03-08 Jeffrey Altmanvol: FILE* to FD_t except logging and special ops
2011-03-08 Jeffrey Altmanvol: consolide afs_xxxx macros in ihandle.h
2011-03-08 Simon WilkinsonClarify the role of XCFLAGS and simplify MT_CFLAGS
2011-03-08 Marc Dionnelibadmin: minor warning fix
2011-03-08 Derrick Brashearhcrypto: avoid key_type redefinition
2011-03-07 Jeffrey Altmanvol: remove warning on use of DFlushVolume
2011-03-07 Simon Wilkinsoncrypto: Avoid variadic macros
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: cleanup DB lock usage in SDISK_SendFile
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: refactor pthread creation code
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: remove unused code
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: Rearrange some initialization code
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: make uphys_close static
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: remove successive Quorum_EndIO, Quorum_StartIO...
2011-03-06 Ryan C. UnderwoodFix positional I/O support for largefiles
2011-03-06 Simon WilkinsonDisable vectored positional IO if no 64bit support
2011-03-06 Jeffrey Altmanvolser: warning removal
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: add lock initialization function
2011-03-06 Marc Dionneubik: rename DInit, call from initialization sequence
2011-03-06 Jeffrey Altmanubik: build all files for pthread version
2011-03-05 Jeffrey Altmanvolser: restore diskPartition[64] lock_fd comment
2011-03-05 Jeffrey Altmanvolser: cleanup volser_internal.h
2011-03-05 Marc Dionneubik: remove unused UBIK_PAUSE code
2011-03-05 Jeffrey Altmanvolser: make private lockproc routines private
2011-03-05 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Remove redefinition of "inline"
2011-03-05 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "Convert from using nvldbentry to uvldbentry"
2011-03-05 Jeffrey AltmanRevert "modify FindIndex to compare uuids"
2011-03-04 Andrew Deasonviced: Set HWHO_INPROGRESS in CheckHost_r
2011-03-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: mp target trailing dot not part vol name
2011-03-04 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: avoid use of cm_buf for MPs and Symlinks
2011-03-04 Andrew Deasonvol: Check for blank vnode in VAllocVnode_r
2011-03-04 Andrew DeasonDAFS: VnLock after VnWaitQuiescent in VAllocVnode
2011-03-04 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Wait for exclusive ops in VFreeBitMapEntry_r
2011-03-04 Andrew Deasonvol-salvage: VOL_DONE deleted volumes
2011-03-04 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Clear salvage stats on VOL_DONE
2011-03-04 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Allow LEAVE_OFF for DELETED volumes
2011-03-04 Andrew Deasonvol-salvage: calloc volume summary structs
2011-03-04 Andrew Deasonviced: Check vnode length on read and write
2011-03-04 Michael Meffierpm: fix ChangeLog filename in doc rpm
2011-03-03 Andrew Deasonvol-salvage: Fix AskOnline error message
2011-03-03 Andrew DeasonGive a default reason in *sync-debug
2011-03-03 Simon WilkinsonTidy up assorted clean targets
2011-03-03 Simon Wilkinsontests: Remove errant rxgk build rule
2011-03-03 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Add GetAllKeys function
2011-03-03 Simon Wilkinsonkernel crypto: Tidy up includes
2011-03-03 Derrick Brasheartweak uvldb-making function
2011-03-03 Derrick Brashearrx: cancel growmtu event on resetcall
2011-03-02 Simon Wilkinsonptuser/hpr: Don't check for a KeyFile
2011-03-02 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Always set up Ubik security
2011-03-02 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Add Ktoken.xdr.c to the clean rule
2011-03-02 Chaskiel Grundmanlibafscp: a library for "clientless" operations
2011-03-02 Simon Wilkinsonvolser: Rename putshort and putint32
2011-03-02 Simon Wilkinsonroken: Fix out-of-tree libroken builds
2011-03-01 Simon WilkinsonFix grammar in configure check description
2011-03-01 Andrew DeasonRevert "LWP: remove ucontext header from preempt module"
2011-02-28 Simon WilkinsonRevert "Make osi_fetchstore.c protocol independent"
2011-02-27 Derrick Brasheararm darwin update
2011-02-27 Derrick BrashearLWP: remove ucontext header from preempt module
2011-02-27 Derrick Brashearavoid unneeded rebuilds due to component version
2011-02-27 Derrick Brasheargenerated mode: fix result
2011-02-26 Jason EdgecombeDOC: Add a missing quote in the QuickStart Guide
2011-02-26 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Include key-related headers in osi_compat.h
2011-02-26 Anders KaseorgLinux: Reduce key_alloc flags confusion