2010-09-29 Simon WilkinsonRX: Tidy reader data locking
2010-09-29 Ben KadukMore FBSD syscall tweaking
2010-09-27 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Limit window size to max acks
2010-09-27 Marc Dionnevolser: Set but not used variables
2010-09-27 Derrick Brashearpam test should return an int in main
2010-09-27 Marc Dionneviced, tviced: Set but not used variables
2010-09-27 Marc Dionnetubik: minor Makefile cleanups
2010-09-27 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Really set UDP buffer size
2010-09-27 Simon WilkinsonFix rxperf so that it works with pthreads
2010-09-26 Russ AllberyUpdate Debian packaging to 1.5.77-2 release
2010-09-24 Michael Meffiescout: display fetch and store counts as unsigned
2010-09-24 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Big windows make us sad
2010-09-24 Simon Wilkinsonlibafsrpc depends on rxstat and fsint
2010-09-23 Matt SmithUpdates to the Cache Manager to include NetBSD5 support
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Add build rules to build a pthreaded version
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Fix the Unix build again
2010-09-23 Simon WilkinsonAdd an LWP version of the hcrypto library
2010-09-23 Simon WilkinsonMove des/stats.h to rxkad directory
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsontests: Fix objdir builds
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Add struct rx_identity
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Add an opaque type
2010-09-23 Russ AllberyLink dafssync-debug(8) to fssync-debug(8)
2010-09-23 Russ AllberyFix POD errors in fileserver and dasalvager
2010-09-23 Russ AllberyUpdate bos create man page for new naming of demand...
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Add documentation for ktc_ListTokensEx
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonhcrypto: Add dirfd definition for solaris
2010-09-23 Jeffrey AltmanAdditional functionality for rxperf
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonlibuafs: Don't #define user
2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinsonrxkad: Make the test suite build again
2010-09-22 Simon Wilkinsonrxperf: Fix so it builds on Unix
2010-09-21 Simon Wilkinsonrxgen: Handle complex structures
2010-09-21 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Change minimum peer timeout to 2ms
2010-09-21 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Permit MakeDebugCall() be be compiled when RXDEBUG...
2010-09-21 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Do not hold call lock across memcpy in rx_ReadProc...
2010-09-21 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Permit udp buffer size to be set in rxperf
2010-09-21 Russ AllberyAdd NEWS entries for OpenAFS 1.5.77 and 1.5.76
2010-09-21 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Negative Caching for Volume Lookups
2010-09-20 Russ AllberyMention KRB5CCNAME in the aklog man page
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Permit ADAPT_WINDOW code to build
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Export additional RX debugging variables from...
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: PrintTheseStats should not be dependent on RXDEBUG
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: move TSFPQ prototypes from rx_globals.h to rx_proto...
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: properly compute dataPacketsReSent statistic
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: always use tservice variable in rxi_ServerProc
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Release builds of Rx should be lean and mean
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Only backoff the peer timeout once
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: only compute peer bytes sent and received if rx_sta...
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: avoid lock churn in rxi_ReceiveAckPacket
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Build rxperf test application on Windows
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonviced: Don't fall back to tokens
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonubik: Remove unused error codes
2010-09-20 Marc Dionnerxgen, kauth: Set but not used variables
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonptserver: Merge WhoIsThis and WhoIsThisWithName
2010-09-20 Simon WilkinsonAdd additional dependencies for shlibafsrpc
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonuserok: Don't double check for expiry
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Restructure userok
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Call rxgen_consts.h by its proper name
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsontokens: Use the new tokens interface
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Add the ktc_ListTokensEx function
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: Move rxperf test application to src/rx/tests
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanRx: cleanup testclient and testserver test applications
2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinsonauthcon: Use ktc_GetTokenEx in ClientAuthToken
2010-09-20 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add new token interface with stub for ktc_GetT...
2010-09-20 Simon WilkinsonRename kauth/token.c as kauth/katoken.c
2010-09-20 Simon WilkinsonRX: Make rxi_Alloc return (void *)
2010-09-20 Simon WilkinsonLinux: print after BUG() is pretty useless
2010-09-20 Andrew Deasonvolser: Delete timed-out temporary volumes
2010-09-20 Andrew Deasonlibafs: Fix pioctl get/putInt alignment issues
2010-09-20 Marc Dionnevlserver: Set but not used variables
2010-09-20 Marc Dionnebutc: Set but unused variables
2010-09-20 Andrew Deasonlibafs: Fix compile errors in afs_nfsclnt.c
2010-09-20 Marc Dionnevol: Set but not used variables
2010-09-19 Marc DionneLinux: normalize error return for emulated syscalls
2010-09-17 Derrick Brasheardisable Rx packet tracking
2010-09-14 Steve SimmonsAutomatically find all files and generate .pods...
2010-09-14 Andrew DeasonDAFS: raise vhashsize limit
2010-09-14 Andrew DeasonDAFS: Do not ignore out-of-range -vhashsize
2010-09-14 Marc DionneAlways check return code from iod_Write
2010-09-14 Marc Dionnerx: Set but not used variables
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Make token_FreeSet work on an empty set
2010-09-13 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Move keyring includes where they're needed
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonshlibafsrpc: Export additional symbols
2010-09-13 Simon WilkinsonIgnore *.dSYM files in working directory
2010-09-13 Simon WilkinsonAdd config.log to gitignore globally
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonauth: Add a gitignore file for the test directory
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonpam: Remove unused library definitions
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix some format warnings
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonaklog: Fix weak_crypto tests
2010-09-13 Simon WilkinsonRX: Make the sample client and server build
2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinsonvlserver: Use com_err for Ubik error messages
2010-09-10 Marc DionneWarning fix for gcc 4.5 "operation may be undefined...
2010-09-10 Andrew Deasonudebug: Always show tidCounter
2010-09-09 Andrew Deasonnamei: Do not remove n_voldir1
2010-09-09 Michael Meffiemanpage correction for restorevol -file option
2010-09-09 Andrew Deasonvol: Add VInit cond var and remove busywaits
2010-09-08 Andrew Deasonnamei: Limit traversal when removing data dirs
2010-09-08 Steve SimmonsAdd new file src/venus/cacheout to things that should...
2010-09-08 Derrick Brashearubik recovery and remote use correct file number
2010-09-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: 1.5.77 Change Log summary
2010-09-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Improve SMB detection of Local System account