2013-01-06 Nickolai Zeldovichtools/dumpscan/pathname.c: properly check strdup()...
2013-01-06 Nickolai Zeldovichubik/udebug.c, vol/vol-info.c: check array index before...
2013-01-06 Nickolai Zeldovichvolser/vol_split.c: do not dereference known-NULL pointer
2013-01-05 Michael Meffiespelling corrections in readme files
2013-01-05 Andrew DeasonSOLARIS: Look for ncurses in ncurses/ncurses.h
2013-01-05 Andrew DeasonSOLARIS: Avoid areq and auid conflict
2013-01-04 Andrew Deasonafs: Check dv against localhero aincr
2013-01-04 Mark Vitalevol: correct old conditional for IH_CONDSYNC
2013-01-04 Russ AllberyMake MIN/MAX code in rx/rx_packet.h more readable
2013-01-04 Russ AllberyEnsure MIN/MAX are defined in userspace builds of rx
2013-01-03 Russ AllberyFix spelling error (retreive for retrieve) in strings
2013-01-02 Andrew Deasonviced: initInterfaceAddr_r regardless of ICBS code
2013-01-02 Andrew Deasonviced: Avoid dangling uuid hash table entry
2013-01-02 Derrick Brashearvol: fix everything to use volumeid type
2013-01-02 Derrick Brashearvol: use header access macros everywhere
2012-12-31 Andrew Deasonafs: Add a little more info on SLVC loop panic
2012-12-31 Andrew Deasonafs: Avoid unnecessary panic in ShakeLooseVCaches
2012-12-31 Andrew Deasonafs: Consolidate ShakeLooseVCaches retry init
2012-12-28 Andrew DeasonLINUX: Avoid infinite d_invalidate loop
2012-12-27 Derrick Brashearvol: use defines for header name length
2012-12-26 Ben KadukAdd configure option to not install kauth
2012-12-26 Andrew Deasonviced: Sanity check file link count during CoW
2012-12-26 Andrew Deasonihandle: Add FDH_ISUNLINKED
2012-12-26 Andrew Deasonihandle: Indent ifdef maze
2012-12-26 Andrew Deasonvolser: Check vnode length on dump
2012-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: GetResourceParent processing for \\afs
2012-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add SERVERHASINLINEBULK macros
2012-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: move SERVERHAS64BIT macros to cm_conn.h
2012-12-25 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fix smb_GetCallerAccess prototype
2012-12-24 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: SetRenameInfo do not reference deleted name
2012-12-24 Michael LaßRemove AFSLore from wiki URLs
2012-12-23 Rod WiddowsonWindows: more warnings on kernel builds
2012-12-23 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Remove unused AFSVolumeWorkerThread
2012-12-23 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Wait for all worker threads to exit
2012-12-23 Rod WiddowsonWindows: warnings on kernel builds
2012-12-19 Derrick Brashearmacos: avoid leaking iocount on synthetic fsevents
2012-12-19 Michael LaßUpdate configure help msg to match actual defaults
2012-12-18 Stephan WiesandLinux: Restructure kernel header detection
2012-12-18 Andrew Deasonubik: Do not count votes from error'd connections
2012-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSLocateNameEntry Evaluate Symlink Target
2012-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSLocateNameEntry Absolute Symlink Cell resol...
2012-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: cm_NameI Freelance Eval of Absolute Symlinks
2012-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Set Symlink mpDV after reading target string
2012-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: If no inlinebulkstat, set the flag correctly
2012-12-18 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: *ParseIoctlPath path has trailing slash
2012-12-13 Arne WiebalckUpdate 'vos shadow' man page
2012-12-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Release Notes updates
2012-12-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Correct RDR Subsystem value overlap
2012-12-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: buf_usedCount can be 64-bit
2012-12-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: RDR Dynamic root Freelance only
2012-12-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSProcessOpen !MmFlush release SectionObjectR...
2012-12-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSCachedWrite reset LastServerFlush when...
2012-12-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Periodic Worker CleanupFcb to Flush Dirty...
2012-12-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: SetDispositionInfo !MmFlush SectionObjectResource
2012-12-07 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: SetVolumeState is not an invalidation
2012-12-06 Marc Dionnecache bypass: fix afs_bypass_copy_page memcpy oops
2012-12-06 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSSetRenameInfo Drop TreeLocks MmForceSection...
2012-12-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Prevent lock inversion SetFileRenameInfo
2012-12-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: addition debug for --validate-cache
2012-12-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSProcessDFSLink to Dos Device
2012-12-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fs getcalleraccess
2012-12-05 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSDevControl print control if exception
2012-12-05 Jeffrey Altmanrx: RX_INVALID_OPERATION abort unknown service only
2012-12-05 Andrew Deasonrx: Add rx_GetNetworkError
2012-12-05 Andrew Deasonafs: Apply VLRU safety check for Linux too
2012-12-05 Andrew Deasonafs: Fix VLRU traversal sanity check
2012-12-04 Andrew Deasonubik: Try to detect VOTE_Beacon errors
2012-12-04 Michael Meffietools: example sysvmq audit reader
2012-12-04 Andrew Deasonafs_open: Deal with afs_GetDCache returning NULL
2012-12-04 Derrick Brashearconfig: provide inlines to make 64bit ints printable
2012-12-04 Andrew Deasonafs: log ICMP errors for downed servers
2012-12-04 Derrick Brashearmacos: decode mountain lion panics
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: shuffle trace messages for clarity
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Handle AFSLocateNameEntry() STATUS_REPARSE
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Decr. used buf count flush and deleted files
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Restore "fs getcacheparms" used space
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: QFileInfo only Verify Entry when necessary
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Dir Enum only validate when necessary
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSTearDownFcbExtents count extents properly
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSCleanup calls AFSDeleteFcbExtents
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSDeleteFcbExtents()
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fcb sectionObjectResource
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Implement dynamic cell detection for RDR
2012-12-03 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: PrimaryVolumeWorkerThread Garbage Collect Fcb
2012-12-01 Jeffrey Altmanrx: set abort client_initiated flag to match direction
2012-12-01 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Make rxevent_Put NULL the event ptr being put
2012-12-01 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Return success value when cancelling an event
2012-12-01 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Don't treat calls specially in event package
2012-11-30 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Remove unused origPeer parameter to FindPeer
2012-11-30 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Remove unused timeoutEvent
2012-11-30 Simon Wilkinsonrx: CheckBusy doesn't drop conn_call_lock
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: RefCounts, Asserts, and Trace Logging
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSClose File FCB/CCB cleanup before DirCB
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSDeleteObjectInfo not on volume roots
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Missing DirEntry Ref incr AFSLocateName
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSLocateNameEntry move InsertNextEntry
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: AFSInvalidateCache volume refcounts
2012-11-29 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Fail RX_INVALID_OPERATION errors
2012-11-29 Andrew Deasonvol: Let non-usable volumes attach for non-DAFS
2012-11-28 Simon Wilkinsonrx: Add a no-op afs_kcondvar_t for LWP