2010-05-25 Heimdal DevelopersImport of code from heimdal
2010-05-25 Derrick Brashearfs getserverprefs needs a larger buffer
2010-05-25 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf : Kill dead code
2010-05-25 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Disable syscall probes if we have keyrings
2010-05-25 Andrew Deasonvol, volser, and viced type fixes
2010-05-25 Russ AllberyAdd libafs_tree to .gitignore
2010-05-25 Russ AllberyFix libafs_tree's cross-architecture support
2010-05-25 Russ AllberyPostmoderize use of AC_CHECK_TYPE
2010-05-25 Russ AllberyUpdate fs {get,set}serverprefs documentation for DNS
2010-05-25 Derrick Brashearreport server address when known for afs warnings
2010-05-24 Derrick Brasheargetcapabilities avoid panic when cell is not filled
2010-05-23 Rod WiddowsonRead volume at correct address when looking for broken...
2010-05-23 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf: Tidy up resolver retrans retry test
2010-05-23 matt@linuxbox.comwindows map lstat to _stat (mrafsStyleLogs)
2010-05-23 Russ AllberyUpdate bos addkey/listkeys and KeyFile man pages for...
2010-05-22 Ben KadukDo not lie about needing Giant
2010-05-19 Marc DionneLinux: remove unused label
2010-05-19 Simon WilkinsonMore warnings cleanup
2010-05-19 Simon WilkinsonLinux: Use positional r/w, not llseek
2010-05-19 Derrick Brasheardafs: don't restart for new binaries using mrafs scanne...
2010-05-19 Simon WilkinsonUnix CM: Use macros for process name and id access
2010-05-19 Derrick Brashearmrafs logs don't clobber existing logs
2010-05-19 Ben KadukDo not sleep in FBSD's getevent()
2010-05-18 matt@linuxbox.comlinux PageCheck may be PageFsMisc
2010-05-18 Derrick Brasheardarwin afs.conf: growlagent example
2010-05-18 matt@linuxbox.comlinux include osi_compat.h in rx/LINUX/rx_knet.c
2010-05-18 Simon WilkinsonFileserver: Don't sync every 10 seconds
2010-05-18 Jeffrey Altmanrx: work harder to notice and handle MorePackets request
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf: Use AC_CACHE_CHECK
2010-05-17 Derrick Brashearafsprefs: clarify restart requirement
2010-05-17 Rod WiddowsonClean up logging from vldb_check.
2010-05-17 Rod WiddowsonStop overanxious htonl in vldb_check -fix
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonDemand Attach: Volumes and vnodes are different
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonDemand Attach: Simplify __VVGC_entry_cl_add
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonDemand-Attach: Remove dangerous trailing else
2010-05-17 Ben KadukEnable PutVCache for FBSD80 and higher
2010-05-17 Ben KadukKill FBSD4X with fire
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf: Use AC_CHECK_MEMBERS
2010-05-17 Simon WilkinsonAutoconf: Use a standard test for socklen_t
2010-05-16 Ben KadukDo not try to increase the refcount of a NULL vnode
2010-05-16 Andrew DeasonSolaris: do not call VFS_RELE with GLOCK
2010-05-14 Hartmut ReuterDon't use afs_linux_storeProc with memory cache, it...
2010-05-12 Andrew DeasonSolaris: stop NetIfPoller on shutdown
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: move afsconfig.h / param.h to afscred.h
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: netidmgr_plugin must include afsconfig.h
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanFix missing semicolon in non-AFS_NAMEI_ENV builds vol...
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fix consistency of afsconfig-windows.h
2010-05-12 Derrick Brashearinlinebulk analyze errors
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanRx: prevent rx_rpc_stats mutex from being a global...
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Add support for NetWkstaGetInfo levels 101...
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Prevent overflow during percent used calc...
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Freelance vs ACLs
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: use system CreateUuid instead of afs variant
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanMake afsio be useful on Windows and fix bugs
2010-05-12 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: RXAFS_InlineBulkStat errors must be processed...
2010-05-11 Michael MeffieLinux: missing configure test
2010-05-11 Simon WilkinsonRemove intptr.m4
2010-05-11 Derrick Brashearvnode alloc bitnumber returns bitnumber
2010-05-11 Andrew Deasonvlserver: prevent duplicate IPs via ChangeAddr
2010-05-10 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: define HAVE_SSIZE_T
2010-05-09 Simon WilkinsonAdd a list of files to import from Heimdal
2010-05-09 Simon WilkinsonAdd a tool to import external repositories
2010-05-09 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: fs.c requires size_t len not int len
2010-05-07 Russ AllberyInclude common param file for Linux alpha builds
2010-05-07 Ben KadukDefine osi_procname for FBSD
2010-05-07 Ben KadukActually fix build for FBSD80 after vcache refactoring
2010-05-07 Ben KadukAdd entries for FBSD 8.1 and 9.0
2010-05-06 Simon WilkinsonModernise use of AC_CHECK_TYPE
2010-05-06 Simon WilkinsonAlways include afsconfig.h in autogenerated files
2010-05-06 Antoine VerheijenOpenBSD: Use osi_obsd_Free() for all releases of OBSD
2010-05-06 Antoine VerheijenOpenBSD: Use FREE instead of KFREE
2010-05-06 Simon WilkinsonAlways include afsconfig.h
2010-05-06 Marc DionneFix typo: LockType -> lockType
2010-05-05 Derrick Brashearfcntl write lock on readonly file error fix
2010-05-05 Derrick Brashearafsdump scan kill warnings
2010-05-04 Derrick Brashearfreebsd vcache splitting fallout
2010-05-04 tharidufernandoWindows: Secure C String usage in src\WINNT\afsd\fs.c
2010-05-04 Jonathan A... NetBSD 5.0 support.
2010-05-04 Andrew DeasonSolaris: shutdown in freevfs, not unmount
2010-05-04 Andrew DeasonSolaris: prevent AFS umount while busy
2010-05-04 Andrew DeasonSolaris: return ENOTSUP for force-unmounts
2010-05-04 Simon WilkinsonRefactor afs_NewVCache
2010-05-04 Michael Meffiepts mem -expandgroups and -supergroups examples
2010-05-04 Antoine VerheijenOpenBSD: Fix bug in setpag() when group list is empty
2010-05-04 Antoine VerheijenFix pattern to detect i386-based OpenBSD system type
2010-05-03 Asanka HerathWindows: Show configuration pages for all types of...
2010-05-03 Tom KeiserProvide a queue_NodeInit() interface
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Restructure cm_LookupInternal addition of...
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Permit BPlus tree lookups within cm_ApplyDir
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Prevent cm_FreelanceAddSymlink from creating...
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: normalize error codes from cm_FreelanceAddSymlink
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: Force rebuilding Freelance directory in AddMou...
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: normalize return codes from cm_FreelanceAddMount
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: use cm_noteLocalMountPointChange whenever...
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: add locked parameter to cm_noteLocalMountPoint...
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: remove unused code from cm_FollowMountPoint
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: initialize to zero Freelance fake root directory
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: make cm_BPlusDirFoo public
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: correct "fs quota" pioctl validation check
2010-05-02 Jeffrey AltmanWindows: getAFSServer wrong variable used in uncompiled...