2019-04-19 Stephan Wiesandmake_www_release: Omit per-distro repodata directories 22/11122/2 master
2014-06-03 Andrew Deasongerrit-not-reviewed: Print number of reviews
2014-01-27 Stephan Wiesandmake_www_release: correct FreeBSD label
2013-11-05 Ken Dreyermake_www_release: update devel release number
2013-10-23 Andrew DeasonAdd gerrit-not-reviewed
2013-10-22 Stephan Wiesandmake_www_release: ignore repodata in top level directory
2013-07-05 Stephan Wiesandmake_www_release: provide an "All Files" link
2013-03-04 Stephan Wiesandmake_www_release: Tweaks for FreeBSD tarballs; use...
2013-01-29 Stephan Wiesandmake_www_release: Linux updates
2011-06-07 Jeff Blaine"Sun" becomes "Oracle Solaris"
2011-02-06 Russ AllberyAdd support for gitweb links to the release pages
2011-02-06 Russ AllberyUpdate to Derrick's current version of make_www_release
2010-02-11 Russ AllberyUpdate how Gerrit is restarted
2009-11-16 Russ AllberyUse the correct init script for Apache restarts via...
2009-10-13 Russ AllberyAdd openafs-backend, a remctl backend for OpenAFS maint...
2009-10-13 Russ AllberyVarious fixes to export_htdocs
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyRemove code duplication and switch to git clone/pull
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyAdd support for production exports, remove local disk...
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyFix the sort order of pre releases in relindex
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyFix creation of index.html symlink for sandbox mode
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyAdd support for exporting the tree to
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyAdd special processing for the export of the OpenAFS...
2009-07-17 Russ AllberyFirst pass at a Git-aware version of export_htdocs
2003-08-17 Jeffrey Hutzelman- export_htdocs support scripts are in /usr/local/libex...
2003-05-08 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Added table of contents
2002-08-05 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Reinstated the code to make links for unrecognized...
2002-04-24 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Added support for unstable releases.
2001-10-30 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Updated windows platform descriptions (from shadow)
2001-10-19 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Do frameless processing on .htm as well as .html
2001-10-14 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Added ability to handle versioned darwin directories
2001-07-17 Jeffrey Hutzelman- MD5 checksums and PGP signatures don't count as ...
2001-07-17 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Fixed version string
2001-07-12 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Updated to reflect the new frames model
2001-07-12 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Generate new snapshot index format
2001-07-12 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Links to release pages should be targeted to the...
2001-07-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Fixed argument count check
2001-07-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Make relindex generate absolute paths
2001-07-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Fix path-fixing for frameset prefixes
2001-07-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Treat relative symlinks in content pages correctly
2001-07-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Redesigned the link-rewriting code to cleaner and...
2001-07-09 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Fixed a stupid bug
2001-07-09 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Don't ignore html files that are symlinks
2001-06-13 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Drop leading /frameset from links in the navbar
2001-05-16 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Minor changes to make_release
2001-04-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- imported many make_www_release improvements from...
2001-04-11 Jeffrey Hutzelman- Added various utilities for /usr/local/sbin on grand...